Celebrities visit west Phoenix Waffle House restaurant

The Super Bowl brought a lot of star power to the valley including Kanye West and wife Kim Kardashian West. The pair was spotted at the Phoenix Zoo on Saturday, with their daughter North.

One valley girl got a picture of Kim Kardashian West. "She had high heels on," said Hailee Slonski.

11-year-old Hailee was one of a dozen or so zoo visitors to see the West's at the zoo yesterday. The family arrived unannounced around 3:00 in the afternoon and rented a zoo stroller for toddler North.

"Since they came here completely on their own, they didn't let us know ahead of time, we wanted them to enjoy the zoo just as anybody else would so we pretty much left them alone," said Joseph Becker with the Phoenix Zoo.

The West's stopped by the petting zoo where Kim snapped a photo of North petting animals.

Haily and her siblings were walking past the Orangutan exhibit when they did a double take of the celebrity trio. "When my brother turned around he's like Kanye and then we stopped and he's like sup, and my brother's like can we get a picture and then he said no, not right now I'm with my family," said Hailee.

Later that night it was a double date at the Waffle House in west Phoenix.

Kanye and Kim along with John Legend and his wife showed up at the restaurant for a bite to eat early Sunday morning. It's the last place on the planet anyone expected this kind of star power to drop in. The Waffle House off the freeway is still buzzing about the Sunday visit.

Call it the Super Bowl shimmy, a 2 a.m. dance party between superstar John Legend and his supermodel wife Chrissy Tiegen going viral on Instagram. The unusual dance floor; the Waffle House at I-10 and 59th Avenue in Phoenix.

The restaurant was packed Monday with regular folks, many of them talking about the famous customers who dropped in over the weekend. Employees told us off-camera that the Legend's arrived after 2 a.m. Sunday with Kim and Kanye West and about a dozen others in their entourage.

"That's cool you know what I mean, hanging out with regular folks," said one person.

Most ordered the famous All Star Breakfast Special. "You know the sausage, and the waffles are the bomb," said a worker.

Legend's wife tweeted double date under the now viral picture.

The West's have been spotted arriving at Scottsdale Airport, and at the Phoenix Zoo in their daughter.

The celebrities left a lasting impression and a large tip that amounted to about $35 for each server working.