Chef Gordon Ramsay's restaurants in Las Vegas

They don't call it "Hells Kitchen" for nothing.

Chef Gordon Ramsey's temper can be as hot as the kitchen. But one thing about the show, it does turn out some really good chefs.

"Can you just make sure that everything looks like, you know, that we are not a bunch of (expletive) saves," said Gordon Ramsay.

You can see right away why Christina Gibson is a Gordon Ramsay favorite.

Christina won season 10 of Hells Kitchen, and is now the executive chef of Gordon Ramsay Burger in Planet Hollywood. The entrance is literally on fire, and so is the menu.

The Hells Kitchen Burger with roasted tomatoes, avocado, and asadero cheese. The farm burger, where duck breast bacon adds smokiness, and yolk from the egg acts as your ketchup. Add parmesan truffle fries on the side and you can see why the burger is one of the buest restaurants on the Las Vegas strip.

Christina has been a huge success here, but one time one her cooks didn't properly season a dish when Gordon came for a surprise inspection.

"I got pasted pretty good, he grabbed me by my collar, and pulled me into the walk in and gave me hell for 30-40 seconds. It seemed like 3-4 hours," said Gibson.

Just down the strip inside Caesar's you can find the Gordon Ramsey Pub and Grill, the decor hued in yellows, black, and oranges. The bar is stocked with numerous European beers. And expertly working the line is season 12 Hells Kitchen winner Scott Commings.

Just like Christina, Scott is the real deal, while we talked to him he expertly whipped up four amazing dishes.

"We got that salmon nice and punk in the middle," said Scott Commings.

Scottish salmon with a fennel puree, beer braised short rib with risotto, the Dublin corned beef brisket sandwhich on dark rye, and of course Yorkshire ale batter fish and chips, all of them are out of this world.

Scott literally walks by a bigger than life Gordon Ramsay every time he goes into his kitchen.

"Unbelievable to say that I have him as a personal mentor, it gives me chills just thinking about it, it's a pretty unique experience," said Commings.

Both Christina and Scott say the abuse the contestants take on Hells Kitchen made them better chefs.

"On a show like that, you learn what you can handle, and how you react to those situations," he said.

"I can understand now in retrospect why he puts that much pressure on you, because you either sink or swim, there is no in-between," said Gibson.

And while he's not at his Vegas restaurants every day, everyone here knows that Gordon Ramsay could show up at any time.

"He likes to have these surprise visits," she said.

"You actually smell his cologne before he enters the building," said Gibson.

And everything better be good when Gordon shows up, or you know what happens.