Corn harvest a success despite wet weather in Phoenix

In March, this is what the cornfield looked like.

"It looked pretty pathetic," said Eric Amadio, owner of Amadio Ranch. "We had a lot of rain that kind of put things back."

Fast forward to today day and you'll see an acre of corn that has grown in the last three months.

"It looks good. I think we’ve probably gotten about 50% of what we normally get, but at least it’s 50%, and it looks great, and it’s super sweet," Amadio said.

Super sweet is right. I got to try it myself and I have to say it's the sweetest corn I've ever tasted.

"There’s so little sweet corn grown here in the Valley – it’s a tricky crop here just because of the weather stuff that can happen every year, but it’s super popular, and fresh sweet corn is so much sweeter than anything you’ll ever get in the store," Amadio said.

Amadio says while it might not be the best corn he's grown, he got more of a harvest than he originally thought.

"Our water comes in through our ditches and canals, so it’s predictable," he said. "We flood irrigate, and so we get water when we want and not when we don’t. We’re not used to it coming out of the sky like that," he said.

Working around the rain in the spring was tricky, but Amadio says the outcome is rewarding.

"We get one shot a year at a harvest like that and so you do your best, you put in the work, but you don’t know what the weather is going to be like and so it’s a total gamble," he said.

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