Deputies: Lyft driver attacked by intoxicated man who pulled down coronavirus partition inside car

Flagler County deputies arrested a man they say attacked a Lyft driver.

Deputies say an intoxicated Travis Smith, 36, attacked the driver, pulling down a partition the driver had set up to protect himself during the coronavirus pandemic.


Officials say it all started when they arrived at the scene of a fight between two men in the street.

Deputies spoke to Smith, who said he, his friend and his friend's 7-year-old child were traveling home from Flagler Beach when he says the Lyft driver began driving recklessly.

In order to protect himself, Smith told deputies that he grabbed the driver and forced him to pull over, which is when the fight spilled out into the street.

The Lyft driver told deputies that Smith suddenly attacked him while he was driving the passengers home.

He said that Smith pulled down the plastic partition that was installed due to the COVID-19 virus.

The driver said Smith put him in a chokehold, causing him to lose control of the vehicle and the fight to carry on outside of the car.

The Lyft driver said he called out to witnesses to call 911.

Deputies say the driver had a dash camera inside the car that recorded what happened.

The Lyft driver suffered minor injuries, according to officials.

Smith was arrested and charged with battery and child abuse, due to the 7-year-old being inside the car when the incident happened.

Deputies say they gave the other passenger and his 7-year-old child a safe ride home.