Disturbing discovery in Phoenix: 3 dead dogs found in area that's a frequent target of illegal dumping

Police are investigating a gruesome discovery in the west-central area of Phoenix after they say three dead dogs were found inside a bag on the side of a street near 33rd Avenue and Buckeye Road.

Officers John and Ellen say they did not find anything suspicious about the death of those dogs, but they did fill out a report.

This discovery disgusts and disturbs business owners, who say the industrial block near the railroad tracks is a frequent target of illegal dumping and graffiti. They describe all sorts of garbage and litter that's been filling up the area for several months.

Our FOX 10 cameras even caught someone throwing out trash from their car at a distance.

Normally, business owners say people are dumping items such as car parts, oil, or old furniture, but recently, they say they made the worst discovery yet: dead dog carcasses. Now they're demanding a change.

"People come and dump tires, they dump all sorts of trash near the business, behind the business. It’s ridiculous. It’s sad," said a business owner who did not want to provide his name.

Mike McCann, an operations manager, said, "To treat animals like that is not just disrespectful, but it’s disturbing at best."

Business owners want the city to do more about the issue.

City of Phoenix statement

"On Dec. 27, 2023, the City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department responded to a resident concern of illegal dumping/debris in the roadway on Harrison Street between 33rd and 35th Avenues. Today, crews revisited the site to finish the clean up and upon discovering multiple deceased dogs among the debris, contacted the City’s contractor who safely handle proper removal of animal carcasses.

The City of Phoenix encourages residents to report concerns of illegal dumping and is committed to working with residents and businesses on their concerns. If you witness illegal dumping in action, please call Crime Stop at 602-262-6151. If the dumping has already taken place, call the Public Works Department at 602-262-6251. Residents can also report street maintenance issues, litter and debris, graffiti, or other concerns at Phoenix.gov/myPHX311."

Map of the area