Ducey remains optomistic over Prop 123

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey says he is optimistic about a victory for Prop 123, which would take money from the state land trust to fund education in Arizona. The measure is narrowly ahead, and the final results may be released Friday. But Ducey has steered clear of the controversy surrounding the election.

"I think it's important we remember what this is about. With the passage of Prop 123, this would be a victory for our teachers and public school students. It would be a victory for parents in our state, and that is what we are hopeful for," said Doug Ducey.

Ducey was speaking at the Westmarc Annual Economic Summit. He told the crowd making schools better will boost Arizona's economy.

"Well think about that, we will put $500 million into K-12, $3.5 billion in ten years, a tremendous return on investment," he said.

In the Prop 123 election, Secretary of State Michelle Reagan failed to send information pamphlets to 400,000 voters outside Maricopa County before voters got their early ballots. Attorney General Mark Brnovich called that a violation of the law. State Treasurer Jeff DeWit said the election results should be thrown out.

When asked, Ducey didn't address the issue of a botched election.

Prop 123 already has generated a lawsuit challenging the state's right to take money out of the state land trust. Michael Pierce of Phoenix is representing himself and filed the suit in Federal court Thursday.