FAA issues warning against drones near Super Bowl

GLENDALE, Ariz. (AP) - The Federal Aviation Administration is issuing a stern warning to hobbyists who may want to get an up-close view of the Super Bowl using an unmanned drone: Do it and you may end up in jail.

The FAA is imposing temporary flight restrictions Sunday afternoon and evening for all aircraft near University of Phoenix stadium in Glendale. The bans include remotely piloted drones.

The flight restrictions extend to a 10-mile radius around the stadium and all flights will be banned below 18,000 feet.

The flight ban area includes Glendale, Goodyear and Williams-Gateway airports. No operations into or out of those facilities are allowed from mid-afternoon until midnight.

Those who violate the ban rules may be intercepted, detained and interviewed. Anyone caught operating a drone could be jailed or fined.