Family: Detroit woman beat 1-year-old to death

A woman has been charged with murder in the death of her 1-year-old son.

"It's difficult to really know what to do right now just to think of the fact that I'll never be able to hold my nephew again the same way," said his aunt Kenya Stevenson.

Rhionna Nichols, 20, is facing felony murder, first-degree child abuse, and torture charges in the death of Viston Levell Stevenson, just 20 months old. 

"I can't imagine what my nephew had to go through," Stevenson said.

Detroit woman charged with murder after death of 1-year-old son

The family is barely able to speak as Detroit police say his own mother is responsible for his death.

"It's so hard. Everybody wants to talk to each other. Everybody wants to say something and nobody knows what to say," Stevenson said.

Nichols was arrested Friday, accused of beating the little boy so badly at a home in the 19300 block of Kentucky Street in Detroit the evening of Thursday, Dec. 5.  

According to the toddler's family, Viston suffered from a fractured skull, a broken collar bone, pelvis, and ribs. They also say he had internal bleeding and brain swelling. Although police aren't releasing details, Viston's family says his mother apparently became angry over a fallen flat-screen TV, then began beating the toddler.

Viston was taken to the hospital where he died two days later. His father was too upset to speak Monday.

"He definitely had the courage to hold his son for the last time. We sat there the whole entire time. He never left his side," Stevenson said.

Viston's family is now trying to remember happier times with the little boy.

"He was a very, very, very, very, very happy baby," she said.

Now they try to prepare to lay him to rest.

"The main thing is to pray for our strength, our peace of mind, our health, and my nephew and that he's in a better place, and that he knows he was loved, regardless of anything," Stevenson said.

Nichols, held without bond, is facing life in prison. 

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