Famous fake news purveyor found dead in Phoenix

A purveyor of fake news who became famous for influencing the 2016 presidential election has died, the man's brother said.

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office spokesman Mark Casey says 38-year-old Paul Horner died in Phoenix on Sept. 18. Authorities discovered Horner dead in bed.

County spokesman Fields Moseley says the cause and manner of Horner's death aren't yet determined.

Moseley says the Maricopa County medical examiner is awaiting test results.

Casey says Horner's family has indicated he used and abused prescription drugs.

Horner was known for his false stories that often went viral and misled people.

In 2016, Horner posted a fake story to several of his sites claiming a former Secret Service agent outed President Barack Obama as a gay man and a radical Muslim.