"Gluten Free Home" real estate sign riders are grabbing attention

When people sell their home, they will want to draw attention to the house, and one Valley realtor has a clever way of doing just that.

It was earlier in 2018 when Michael D'Elena developed a new tactic to grab people's attention, as they walk or drive past homes for sale. That's when he came up with the unique sign riders.

Some of the unique phrases are "Gluten Free" and "Free Pizza With Purchase", and they are located right under the "For Sale" signs. The idea behind it is to help properties stand out to potential buyers.

D'Elena started to receive sign rider suggestions from his team, and ended up launching with "Gluten Free" to capitalize on the craze, as more people are leaning toward a healthier lifestyle.

The signs are meant to grab attention, and are not meant to offend anyone. The concept has been working.

"It captures people's attention. When we get offers on the home, people mention, you know, what the sign said up front. They thought it was funny or that's what my client remembered about it," said said D'Elena.

The two Phoenix homes with the "Gluten Free" signs were sold, as of Wednesday.