EGOT-winner Jennifer Hudson previews 'The Jennifer Hudson Show'

The Jennifer Hudson Show has arrived on WNYW-TV/FOX 5 NY. Hudson, who in June achieved EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) status, spoke with me about the reality of having her own talk show.

"It's so crazy and I was just saying, like I'm at FOX. I started back at FOX with [American Idol]," Hudson said. "Who would have thought that on my 41st birthday, I would have my own talk show on FOX?" 

Speaking of American Idol, the first guest on The Jennifer Hudson show was former American Idol judge Simon Cowell. JHud (somewhat) confirmed she did not rub her EGOT status in Cowell's face.

"Well I try not to rub it in his face," she said with a laugh. "But Simon was my start. That was my introduction to the world. And I feel like now it's a new chapter. And I'm going on a new journey. Well we're going on a new journey. Together. So why not take it back to the base — which again, I can't help but to say it — at FOX!" 

In her first week of shows, Hudson has a stacked set of A-list guests, including Magic Johnson and Viola Davis. But she said she wants her show to be a platform for everyone.

"People in our communities — everyday heroes — along with celebrities. We're all people. We're all living, everyone has a story, and I want to celebrate that with everyone. And I want to give people a platform because someone once gave me a chance," Hudson said. "I've been blessed to achieve so many things. I want to see someone else have a platform. And from there to see my celebrity peers come through, that I've looked up to or worked with in different capacities. It's such an honor to have them come through."

In June, Jennifer Hudson became the 17th artist in history to achieve EGOT status when she won a Tony Award as a producer on Best Musical winner A Strange Loop.

"When they said we won Best Musical, I was cheering for the cast. Until they all started cheering 'EGOT, EGOT, EGOT.' I wasn't there for me! I was there for them, you know what I mean?" Hudson said. "So it blew me away and I'm still processing it. And now this — and I'm 41. Wait up, hold the line! There's a lot of things happening."

But that's not all. To top off her day in New York City, JHud met fans and sang with a choir in Times Square as the billboard for her new show was revealed.

The Jennifer Hudson Show airs weekdays at 11 a.m. on FOX 5 NY.