Jodi Arias sentencing retrial: judge spoke with jurors Tuesday

The Jodi Arias sentencing retrial rolled on in Superior Court, but not without a bit of courtroom intrigue and frustration coming out from the judge.

There was no trial on Tuesday; Judge Sherry Stephens said she would call each juror individually into her chambers with attorneys present on both sides.

Whatever she talked about was evidently ironed out, all jurors were in court for Wednesday's action.

On the witness stand was Robert Brown, who used to be a computer forensics expert with the Mesa Police Department. He testified the porn and evidence of porn website being visited on Travis Alexander's computer got there because of viruses.

On cross-examination, the defense recited in detail the names of some porn links.

Jurors will have to decide if the porn on Travis Alexander's computer is a big deal or not when it comes to deciding whether Jodi Arias gets death or life in prison for murdering him.

In the afternoon, the trial drifted off course when prosecutors announced they wanted to call a defense expert witness in computers to testify for them, sparking objections from Arias's attorneys.

The defense then said it wants to put its psychologist experts back on the witness stand, but they can't do it right away, meaning the trial could stretch well into March.

That caused the judge to say she wants this trial to be finished.

There was a bit of a dustup in the court when the defense team said some court watchers taunted their mitigation specialist Maria De La Rosa by singing "La Cucaracha" while she walked outside the court.

But the court watchers say they broke into song while talking about a Mexican restaurant, and it had nothing to do with the mitigation specialist.

The Arias defense team said they wanted the court watchers out, but Judge Stephens said she had no knowledge of what happened, and that is where she left the matter.

Court resumes Thursday morning.

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