Lawyer wants 92-year-old woman moved out of jail

PHOENIX (AP/KSAZ) -- An attorney for a 92-year-old Arizona woman charged with killing her son says he's examining places where his ailing client can be brought to get the care she needs.

Anna Blessing has been in jail since the July 2 shooting death of 72-year-old Thomas Blessing in Fountain Hills. Authorities say Blessing killed her son because he wanted to put her into assisted living. Blessing shared an apartment with her son.

Attorney Ulises Ferragut, who represents Blessing, says Thursday that his client suffers from back issues, is in a lot of pain and uses a wheelchair.

"Part of my role is to investigate and make sure all the underlying facts come out," said Ferragut. "It's too early to discuss those. We will discuss those in the future."

Ferragut declined to provide further details on Blessing's condition and reveal the types of places where he's considering putting his client if she manages to post the $500,000 bond.

"This is a very difficult situation. A tragedy all the way around," said Ferragut. "Elderly woman in jail, her son has been killed. He's dead. It's tragic all the way around."