Llama drama pair to cheer on camel cousins

Turf Paradise is holding a special event this weekend; camel and ostrich races. Guess who will be on the sidelines, cheering on their camel cousins?

The two escaped artists who caused the "Llama Drama" in Sun City last month.

Kahkneeta and Laney spent Friday morning in the sun, gazing at the beautiful terrain. They seemed to have a calm about them, a very different demeanor than the first time FOX 10 met the two.

"It was a very traumatic day, and I was really embarrassed that they got loose," said Karen Fruend.

Freund said it started out as an ordinary day; they took the llamas to Sun City to visit a friend, a former handler himself to walk the llamas around his retirement community and to visit with residents.

"Everything was great, we put the llamas away and then some of his friends showed up late and wanted to see the llamas," said Fruend.

"My husband took Kaneta, the white one out and handed it to our friend, and as he was holding her something spooked her, and she stepped back and knocked him off balance, and he went to the ground and she started to drag him," she said.

The back of the trailer was unlocked, and Laney followed suit, the llama drama unfolded for all the world to see.

"By the time I had gotten home, I found out it had gone global," said Fruend.

Now that things have settled down, the llamas will be making an appearance at Turf Paradise at the camel and ostrich races. They won't be running this time, even though most fans would bet the llamas would win.

The llamas will be at Turf Paradise from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Last year more than 7,000 fans came to the Phoenix racetrack to watch the camel and ostrich races.