Make-A-Wish pairs dog with child

A study shows that pet ownership is a huge benefit for kids. It boosts self-esteem, social engagement, and stress reduction. Lucky is a special dog with a best friend named Darius.

"Every wish is unique as the child who makes it, so it's really fun to be a part of making each child's wish come true," said Erin Bolen.

Volunteers at Make A Wish rolled out the red carpet for a very special dog. Lucky the black lab is now part of an Arizona family after being rescued by the Humane Society.

"For lucky today we have a bandana going home with him, and then a new collar, and then he'll get to bring home a bag of gifts for Darius," said Tara.

Darius goes by the nickname Dawa. At 9-years-old, he has a brain tumor, all he wished for was a dog.

"He wanted a best friend; he wanted someone who would lay with him when he wasn't feeling well. He wanted someone that would play with him. He wanted a dog that could do tricks. So for him it was about having a best friend," said Crystal.

Lucky can sit, shake hands, fetch, and even dance around, something Darius really wanted in a companion.

"He's a good boy," said Darius.

They met for the first time last Friday, right away volunteers and the family knew this friendship was meant to be.

"When Dawa held the leash, he pulled Dawa around in the wheelchair, which Dawa thought was wonderfully fun," said Boyles.

Lucky got a wellness exam at Banfield Pet Hospital, to ensure he will continue to be happy and healthy and fit in with his new family's life.

"His name is appropriate; it worked out really well. He's the perfect dog for the family," said Erin.

"He is by far the best dog we could have found for him," said Crystal.