Man accused of abusing boy in special needs group home

A Valley man who worked as a caregiver at two group homes has been arrested and accused of assault.

Desmond Washington was employed by Lintoc Care, a group home for special needs juveniles in Chandler, as well as by the Guild Care Group in Mesa, a group home for developmentally disabled adults.

According to court documents, in early December, while Washington was bathing a child at Lintoc Care, someone could hear screams and what sounded like hits coming from the bathroom. When the boy came out of the bathroom with Washington, another caregiver told detectives he was covered in abrasions and bruises. In a medical check up days later, nurses noted his genitals were also bruised.

It was also found that Washington was also under investigation by Mesa Police, for an incident at the group home in Mesa. According to that police report, Washington is accused of badly beating a resident, repeatedly punching him.