Man dies in officer-involved shooting in Phoenix

Phoenix police are investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting in Phoenix.

Police say the incident started with a traffic stop at around 10 p.m., Friday night. Police say the driver of a black Camaro drove off when they tried to pull him over.

Police did not pursue the vehicle but continues to patrol the area for the vehicle. They noticed the car in the area of 28th Street and Adams, but the driver took off erratically and hit a fence. Police say the person behind the wheel of the Camaro then drove backwards for about a block, hit a tree and then collided with a patrol car, injuring an officers foot.

Officers say at that point the vehicle was facing them and the driver started to accelerate. That's when they say an officer in his early thirties, who has been worth the force for 13 years, opened fire.

The suspect, identified as 34-year-old Jesus Ramon Deltoro, was pronounced dead at that time. Police are working to piece together exactly what lead up to the shooting

The officer injured was transported to the hospital. He was treated released and is now resting at home with family