Man dies in west Phoenix hit-and-run crash

Police say an 82-year-old man is dead after he was hit by a car at a west Phoenix intersection.

According to police, two vehicles, one black and one white, were speeding on April 3 at 43rd Avenue and Thomas Road when the black car reportedly hit the victim around 11 a.m. while he was in the crosswalk.

"Nobody saw it, they just heard it, and they all came out, and it was him. He was laying on the ground," said Evelyn Borrero, who lives in the area.  "I said ‘Who is it?’ Because all I saw was the cowboy hat and the shoe and, I said ‘oh my God, don’t tell me it’s this other person that wears a cowboy hat,' and that’s when they told me it was her husband. I said ‘oh no.’ Tomas was his name."

The cars involved in the crash fled the scene after the collision, witnesses told police. The victim, Tomas Gonzalez, 82, died at the scene.

According to family friends, the victim was trying to cross the street when he was hit.

"All you can really do in this situation is comfort them and give them water," said Emily Lindell. She worked nearby, and tried to help.

Roads in the area were shut down for some time due to the investigation. Those living and working in the area say it's not the first tragedy to happen in the area, and they do not believe this incident will be the last.

"It happens here so much," said Borrero. "I go to the store early because we get some fools down this street. Constantly."

Police are asking anyone with information to call them at 602-262-6151 or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

Area where the collision happened: