Man found dead inside south Phoenix house fire

Firefighters say a man was found dead inside a south Phoenix house fire.

The Phoenix Fire Department says the fire broke out at around 4:30 a.m., and six people were inside the home, including three children, their parents and uncle.

Crews rushed to the scene, a first-alarm response, after a 911 call from neighbor, Anthony Flores.

"I went in and you could just feel the heat on top of my head," he said. "I squatted down and even that wasn't enough. It was so hot in there."

Flores jumped into action after seeing the burning home while walking his dog. Despite never meeting the family before, he risked his life to save them.

"I started yelling," he said. "Three of the kids came out and they kept saying that their dad and their mom was in the house and I went around the back, got the dad out through the back, and then they kept saying their mom was in the house, and I tried to look in the house, but the flames were just too high, and it was just too hot and too smoky and I couldn't go in no further."

The mother was unconscious, but firefighters were eventually able to pull her from the home.

Both parents were taken to the hospital, but once the flames were extinguished, family at the scene told crews their may be another man inside.

There was; the children's 40-year-old uncle had died in the fire.

It's a tragic discovery as crews spent the morning searching for a cause.