Man listed as one of the country's most wanted man now back in Arizona

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- A man arrested 15 years ago for the murder of a Mesa woman is finally back in Arizona.

The man, identified as Paul Eischeid, has been on the run for years, fleeing the country shortly after his release on bond. He was out on pretrial release in 2003, and at that time, he had been indicted for drug trafficking and RICO violations. While he was on release, Eischeid was also linked to the 2001 brutal murder of Cynthia Garcia.

Garcia, a mother of six, was allegedly beaten, thrown in a trunk, and stabbed 27 times. Garcia was 44 at the time of her death. Eischeid and another fellow Hells Angel, Kevin Augustiniak, are believed to be behind the murder. By the time EIscheid was linked to the murder, however, he had reportedly cut his ankle monitor and fled the country.

Eischeid, a former stockbroker and also a member of the Hells Angels, was arrested in 2011 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His extradition, however, did not come easy.

"Different ways to fight the extradition process, and it could be very lengthy," said Jerome Fairweather with the U.S. Marshals Office.

"Was that the case here?" asked FOX 10's Stefania Okolie.

"Yeah. Yes," Fairweather replied.

After seven years behind bars in Argentina, fighting his extradition back to Arizona, the options were exhausted. A judge said Wednesday that Eischeid will not be granted a bond.