McDonalds employee arrested, accused of faking robbery with her boyfriend

Officials with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office announced Wednesday the arrest of a man and a woman, in connection with a fake robbery incident.

According to a statement released Wednesday afternoon, 24-year-old Ashley Stewart and her boyfriend, 35-year-old Alexander Reyna, are accused of planning and executive a fake robbery of over 22,000 in cash. The arrests took place on Monday

According to the statement, Stewart called 911 staring she was robbed of over $22,000, while attempting to deposit the cash for McDonalds at a bank. Stewart claimed a "black male" wearing all black held her at gunpoint, took the cash from her, and then fled into the desert on foot.

Detectives, according to the statement, responded to the scene, and after briefly speaking with Stewart, felt her story and allegations lacked credibility. Stewart, according to the statement, later admitted to not being robbed, and allegedly confessed to planning the fake robbery with Reyna.

Stewart, according to the statement, said the alleged scam required her to meet up with Reyna, after the planned robbery, where they will split the cash.

Stewart, according to the statement, was booked on a count of alleged felony Theft-Control Property, and a count of misdemeanor alleged False Report to Law Enforcement. Reyna has been booked on a count of felony alleged Theft-Control Property. Both have since been released.