MCSO recovers missing man's body at Apache Lake

Dive crews from Maricopa County Sheriff's office have recovered the body of a man who was seen getting into the water and not resurfacing at Apache Lake.

Witnesses tell MCSO that a man, possibly intoxicated, fell into the lake at about 2 a.m. The man was able to get out of the water but then got back in and was heard asking for help moments later.

People who were camping nearby got into the water on jet skis and tried to find the man, but they were unable to do so.

Lake patrol deputies used underwater sonar techniques early Sunday morning and recovered a pair of shorts, which were identified as belonging to the victim.

Detectives contacted the victim's sister-in-law, who told investigators that her brother-in-law, 37-year-old Rodolfo Ruiz, was missing. She told detectives Ruiz was intoxicated and was involved in a physical altercation with his wife before going into the lake.

Ruiz's wife also confirmed her husband had been using drugs before the incident.

Authorities say there were no signs of trauma or significant injury on Ruiz's body, and no signs of foul play.