MCSO seizes over 30 dogs from Youngtown home

Maricopa County MASH investigators walked into Linda Crandall's Youngtown home and were shocked and saddened at the awful scene they found.

Dozens of Shih Tzu's, packed into multiple rooms with disgusting conditions.

"It seems like they're always the same," a MCSO deputy said. "Feces everywhere, deplorable conditions and here's another one."

MCSO deputies were quick to take the 69-year-old into custody. There was a large response from deputies here, and at another home Crandall owns, after complaints from neighbors, like Bryan Bjorna, who looked on to see what they sadly expected.

"I can hear them when she wakes up in the morning... goes into the back room, sounds like 15-20 dogs... little yippers so loud... just crazy," Bjorna said.

Bjorna says he's called police on Crandall multiple times since she moved in two years ago, but he became particularly concerned after seeing some of the dogs himself.

"I've seen her take a couple of them out and they're just really ratty-looking," he said. "Ratty, stinky-looking nasty dogs."

MCSO MASH unit deputies looked into all of these animals by carefully investigating them and taking pictures.

"We can now get these dogs clean, start advertising and get them adopted out of our jail," a deputy said.

Crandall surrendered all of the animals; from a newborn puppy to a cat.

We're told another dog is in such bad shape that it had to be rushed to the hospital.

If you are interested in adopting on of the dogs, please call MCSO at 602-876-1000.