Minute entry gives insight into Arias jury deliberations

It was the big story in the valley last week, a judge declaring a mistrial in the Jodi Arias sentencing retrial.

New information has come out about what was going on while the jurors deliberated.

The documents released Tuesday are minute entries, an official record of the events during the court proceeding.

They show other jurors trying to get the holdout juror removed, and it details the struggles the jury endured trying to reach a unanimous verdict in the trial.

"In my assessment we are hung, and additional time will not change this. Submitted by the foreman," said Judge Sherry Stephens.

FOX 10 is learning more about what happened inside the jury deliberation room leading up to a mistrial in the Jodi Arias case last Thursday through the minute entries released.

The eight-page document shows the frustration of 11 of the jurors who stated to Judge Stephens that the lone hold-out for the death penalty was not able to deliberate with the other jurors, and would not clearly articulate reasons for her views, and did not seem to see evidence clearly.

Some of the jurors say they felt # 17, who was initially an alternate, had an agenda and came into the case with more knowledge of the case than other jurors, and admitted to watching parts of the Lifetime movie about the case; "Dirty Little Secrets."

Juror # 17 also wrote the court that she was feeling harassed during deliberations, going on to say that she had been completely upfront and honest , and that her opinion was not being heard.

The hopelessly deadlocked jury spared Arias from the death penalty. It will now be up to Judge Stephens to decide if Arias will get life in prison or life with the possibility of parole after 25 years.

Those are the only two options Judge Stephens can consider under Arizona law. The sentencing date has been set for April 13.