Miracle girl meets rescuers who saved her life

A little girl who fell into a pool and was underwater for minutes was declared dead at the hospital. Miraculously she started breathing again and recovered. Now her parents were able to thank the crew that flew her to Phoenix Children's Hospital.

Jaya Thrash with her mom and dad met with the Air Medical flight crew that helped save her life. The toddler slipped through a door and fell into the family's pool in February.

Flight Nurse Ron Pondo helped make the decision to fly Jaya to Phoenix Children's Hospital.

"It was only going to take us 6 minutes, but it was 6 minutes I was willing to gamble. And I mean if you look at what we have done for her, it is a little miracle that we've got her running around and stuff because you just don't see this at all," said Ron Pondo.

"What stands out in my mind is the anguish of Jaya's mother, and to see it today, and the joy and happiness make it all kind of worthwhile," said Dani Weber.

"It brings tears to my eyes. I can feel it in my throat; it makes it a little hard to talk to be able to see that joy and future for her," said Weber.

"I have heard a lot of first responders and all say they only hear about it when they do something wrong, and that is terrible because they really do save lives and change lives and they are there for parents and kids and everything," said Julia Thrash.

Jaya is now like any 2-year-old. Her parents now have a pool fence and have gotten her lessons. She's a miracle child looking forward to a full and happy life.