Mixed reactions after Confederate flag painted at HS

The Confederate flag is a highly charged symbol and it's sparking a range of emotions in Show Low. Someone painted the flag on the pavement in the school's parking lot. The Principal says a student was hanging around in the parking lot when he shouldn't have and had his parking privileges suspended for a short time. He believes someone else who is not a student at the HS painted the flag in the lot.

"These kids are doing it to express themselves because one kid was told he couldn't park in the parking lot, that is the bottom line," said Principal Farrell Adams.

Upset students wore the flag and stood next to the flag painted in the lot.

"That is why the upset students are wearing the flag at Show Low HS, that is the reason," he said.

A student said there were mixed reactions on campus.

"A lot of the students are offended by it, and they see it as white privilege and a sign of racism. On the other hand, there are a lot of students who see it as freedom of expression and a connection to their Southern Heritage," said Lauren Reed.

The Principal says there are only a few African-American students at SLHS. He says some of them were offended, and staff believes the flag was displayed as a sign of hostility to the school administration.

"You got to remember we are not Phoenix. You have to be here to understand the culture of Show Low; we are not the valley. We haven't gotten to the point where we have to go out and say that is not an acceptable symbol, but that day is coming," said Adams.