New Arizona law prevents cities and counties from taxing sugary foods or drinks

Governor Doug Ducey signed a bill into law that prevents Arizona cities and counties from taxing sugary drinks.

Many big cities across the country have adopted the so-called "Soda Tax" to reduce obesity and other health issues.

It's the first bill of it's kind in the U.S., but Representative TJ Shope is saying it's not for Arizona. However, some people disagree.

"Put a tax on it. You know, you increase the revenue for the marketing of a healthier lifestyle," said one shopper.

"Maybe taxing it would increase revenue," said another.

People are reacting to the bill signed by Governor Ducey earlier today. The bill proposed by Representative TJ Shope stated that food and drink products should be treated equally.

"What this bill says is in the state of Arizona, we are going to treat all food the same. So if you want to raise taxes on sugary items, you are going to have to raise taxes on all other food items at the same time," Rep. Shope said. Others have to try to outright ban sugar taxes and stuff. We didn't want to take that approach. We didn't want to come down on cities that may tax foods. Some cities tax food, others don't."

Rep. Shope has been in the grocery business for most of his life.

"It's an issue I know backwards and frontwards, up and down. And I also know folks, consumers really do get irritated whenever something is singled out," Rep. Shope said.

Rep. Shope says he wouldn't want consumers to look at the tax code as punishment for choosing to purchase soft drinks.

"We just don't need to use the tax code to incentivize good behavior," Rep. Shope said.

There was no sign of any city in Arizona considering adding sugar taxes to soda or other products.