Nightly Roundup: Deadly police shooting investigation; robbery goes wrong for suspect

From an investigation into a deadly police shooting in the East Valley to a robbery that went wrong for a suspect in California, here's a look at some of the top stories on for Thursday, August 3, 2023.

1. Deadly police shooting in the East Valley


Suspect dead following police shooting in Mesa

According to police, the shooting happened near Mesa Drive and Brown Road.

2. Robbery goes wrong for one suspect


Convenience store workers beat would-be robber with stick until suspect starts crying

The video, which was shared on social media, was taken in California.

3. Grisly murder in Florida


Husband used chainsaw to dismember wife's body found in bags off coast, police say

The victim's remains were found in five bags in South Florida, according to reports.

4. Mother travels to Arizona from North Carolina for cancer care


Mom of 4 visiting Scottsdale for stage 4 breast cancer treatment due to North Carolina health care laws

A North Carolina woman is in Scottsdale getting life-saving breast cancer treatment. Why? Arizona has different laws that allow for her treatment. But that means being away from her husband and 4 children during this hard time.

5. Dispute over wine results in passenger ban


Airline bans passenger following viral video showing dispute

In a now-viral video, the female passenger was apparently arguing with a flight attendant about wine.