Non-profit group knits beanies for NICU babies

Each year, about 500 babies are admitted in the level three NICU at Maricopa Medical Center in a fight for their lives.

NICU nurses go above and beyond for these infants and their families, who NICU nursing director Leann Hardin say are usually under privileged.

"They are very appreciative," she said. "They love the fact that somebody has taken the time to knit or crochet something for their baby especially. I think it feels a little bit like grandma made it for them and so it feels like home."

Cigna employees created a group called "A Common Thread," where they have crocheted over 1,000 head caps that they donate to NICU babies every year.

Partners with the March of Dimes organization, the non-profit group says they've donated over 9,500 beanies to NICU babies just in Arizona.

"We get together every Wednesday at lunch time and sit and crochet and then we do it at home and then we get to come in and go 'look what I made!'" Theresa Richards said.

Maricopa Integrated Health System