Officers chase pig through Glendale Park

Caught on camera, a pig ran loose in the west valley. This little guy wasn't going down without a fight. It took several people including a police officer and a so-called "pig whisperer" to get his pig into custody.

Ruby Gonzales was going for a regular bike ride through a park near the Cardinals Stadium when she saw a group of people chasing a pig. Nobody knows where it came from, but the officer and people chasing were determined to chase it and get it into the officer's patrol car.

While some little piggies went to the market, this little piggie went to the park! Last night, he was running loose at Grand Canal Linear Park near the Cardinals Stadium.

"I just see this pig running in the middle of it, and then I see the cop he was so committed trying to catch this pig the whole time," said Ruby Gonzales.

Glendale Police Officer Glenn Koehler responded to the call. It took them over an hour of chasing the pig before they got it into custody.

"The cop was drenched in sweat and what made it even funnier towards the middle there comes this guy and he just starts squealing like a pig," said Gonzales.

It turns out the squealing "pig whisperer" had experience on a farm. One volunteered tried catching the pig with a strap from a camera bag. Another tried tackling him with a yellow emergency blanket.

Officer Koehler eventually caught the pig by tackling him to the ground. Cheers erupted as the Pig Whisperer put him inside the cop car.

"I would charge the pig with trespassing, trespassing on park property," said Gonzales.

Officer Koehler says the pig was given water and cucumbers. It was then taken to "Kate's Place" an animal rescue.