Olmost The Weekend: Arabian horse show in Scottsdale

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- An event featuring some of the most graceful animals on the planet is about to start in Scottsdale.

Around 18 countries are represented, with over 2,500 horses competing for a chance to win at the Arabian Horse Show.

"We call it the Mecca for the Arabian horse because it's the most important show. The most prestigious win in the Arabian horse world," said Janice McCrea-Wight.

The 10-event features popular competition classes like western pleasure and halter, and they are spread out in nine different arenas in Westworld.

McCrea-Wight, an international judge, has been surrounded by Arabian horses her whole life and knows what to look for.

"The judges have to be very versed in all the rules and the class specs and what they are looking for, and have a good eye too," said McCrea-Wight.

One person very much familiar with competing in horse shows is Tristen Wikel. The 17-year-old rider has been competing for seven years, and she has won 15 national champion titles in the past year alone. Throughout the event, she will be showing a total of 20 horses, and one of her main horses in the show is Kappaucino.

Wikel is always preparing her horses for competition.

"It's year-round when you want to prepare because we have shows every month," said Wikel. "You keep them ready, stay in fit. Depends on the season."

Another horse Wikel is showing is Sombra.

"I just love the bond between the animal when you go in a class," said Wikel. "It's not what you come out with first, second or third. I mean, it's special."

Along with experiencing the beauty of Arabian horses, people also have the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes barn tour and participate in various activities while the event is on.

Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show