Olmost The Weekend: Pizza Festival is back and better than ever in Phoenix on Nov. 13-14

From New York-style pizza to Chicago deep dish, you’ll find any kind of pizza at Nov. 13 and 14's Phoenix Pizza Festival at Margaret T. Hance Park.

"This is actually the first food festival in a Phoenix city park since the pandemic began," said David Tyda, cofounder of the festival. "It's cool to be a part of their return."

There will be 20 vendors spread out throughout the park, and there will be some changes this time around.

There won't be a donut festival on the second day like you typically would see, or taste, in years prior. But, there will be a twist.

"We have a couple of vendors that are keeping the flames alive. There's one place called the Local Donut, Hertz Donuts and then Chin Up Donuts who's doing the pizza donut. Being out there making sure that donuts matter," Tyda jokingly said.

One of the vendors who will be there is Floridino’s. They have a restaurant located in Chandler and will be serving up what they are best known for – pizza muffins.

Pizza muffins

Pizza muffins

"They have a food trunk, they can go to festivals and cater events with these pizza muffins," Tyda said. They're filled with different toppings and are rolled up just like a cinnamon roll.

Once cooked – they're simply mouthwatering.

Another vendor who will be there is Bored Baker Pizza Maker, known for its Roman-style pizza.

"What's different from this style of pizza?

"Almost everything. Just by looking at it, looks like Sicilian or Detroit, so it's almost like pancake batter when you go to make it," Guillermo Manga, owner of Bored Baker Pizza Maker, said.

More information and tickets can be found here. You do need to buy tickets in advance.

General admission is $12 and kids under three are free.

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