One last Halloween hurrah for Phoenix costume store

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- Halloween is just a month away, and that means it's time to start talking about costumes.

One shop that's helped people get their wicked costumes on point for 72 years is the Easley's Fun Shop in Phoenix. For the store, however, 2018 is their last year to bring the scare on. The store is closing down by the end of the year, but they're not dead yet. They're going all out for their last big Halloween hurrah, with plenty of costumes and props for the spooky holiday.

Easley's fun shop on McDowell Road in Phoenix goes way back.

"We went from selling magic wands to what we are now," said owner Debbie Easley.

Easley said her grandfather, the late Bernie Easley, was a magician who originally opened Easley's Fun Shop in the 1940's.

"That's a picture of him as Pinocchio," said Easley. "Walt Disney saw that, and asked my grandfather about producing the Pinocchio cartoon."

Over the years, Easley's has expanded with costumes, makeup, wigs, shoes, hats and more, becoming one of the biggest independent costume shops in the country.

Then, however, came a turn of events.

"Over the past few years, we have seen people I've known my whole life in different cities that have stores, maybe not as big as ours, but successful businesses dying and going bankrupt and having nothing. Having to mortgage their homes because our customers have changed, and they don't look up anymore," said Easley.

She says they don't look up from their phones, and the online business is dominating the costume business. Easley's family wants to leave when they're on top.

"We were so sad, and then of course immediately, we thought, 'oh my gosh, what are they doing with all those wonderful costumes?'" said customer Kenzie Gassaway, who works with Arizona Sunrays Gymnastics and Dance Center, which uses Easley's costumes for different themed events and dress up.

"I mean, they've helped us troubleshoot things," said Gassaway. "If we wanted to find the perfect costume, that went along with a certain theme."

Gassaway is now stocking up on costumes before they close. With Halloween just around the corner, Easley says she's just focused on giving her loyal customers the best personal service she can provide, something one can't find online.

The Easley family shop may no longer be around in 2019, but their Halloween spirit will live on.

Easley said her shop will offer great deals as it get closer to Halloween, with plenty of deals and sales. She also promised that people won't get the personal service to help find the perfect Halloween costume online, and asked many to stop by one last time.