PD: Suspects in custody after possible hit-and-run, fleeing from officer

A Valley woman regrets getting a ride from a man at a party who took her on a wild ride.

"I was terrified, I've never been in a situation like that," said Liyah Ortiz.

18-year-old Liyah Ortiz sat stunned on the sidewalk outside of a Jack in the Box restaurant on 19th Avenue and Buckeye this morning. It was moments after she survived a crash, the driver she says along with two other guys, ended up at the location after running from the police.

"I told him can I get a ride, you know I don't have a ride, he's like yeah sure, you know this is my car," said Ortiz.

Ortiz claims she met the group at a party earlier that night, and after they left things took a turn for the worse.

"We have a possible hit and run on the freeway, an aggravated assault that was what the officer was initially responding to, we have the failure to stop for the officer, the flight, and the aggravated assault when he struck the officers vehicle," said Lt. David Laslavic.

"When they stopped the first time they back up into the cop, I was going to get out then, but by that time he had already put the car in reverse and by the time I was trying to unlock the lock it was too late, we were already driving," said Ortiz.

Scared for her life, Ortiz says she begged the driver to let her out, but he just kept running until he lost control.

"As soon as they hit I had covered my face like this," she said.

Police say after the car crashed the 18-year-old woman stayed at the scene, one male ran into the bathroom of the Jack in the Box where he was apprehended, and another was caught in the backyard of a nearby home. And the suspect who was driving had it out with a police officer.

"As the officers chased him on foot the driver turned and produced a set of brass knuckles," said Lt. Laslavic.

The officer suffered several broken bones in his hand and was rushed to the hospital. As officers removed several cases of beer from the trunk, Ortiz watched, regretting her decision.

Ortiz is not facing any charges, both the driver and officer whose car was hit were taken to the hospital, both are expected to recover.

The driver and passengers are now facing several charges.