Phoenix police searching for suspect accused of stealing Amazon truck, SUV at gunpoint

It was a frightening start to the morning for Phoenix resident Jimmy Eslinger and his family.

"It was a pretty scary moment for her," he said. "When you see police roll up in a huge presence like that with lights on and weapons drawn, and you're at home alone and my wife was really scared. That's the real reason why I came home was to make sure she was OK."

Phoenix police shut down the area to search for the suspect and this all happened not too far from Jimmy's home. 

"When she came in off of Sweetwater, police asked her where she was going and she said she lived right down the street and the police escorted her back into our house," Eslinger said.

Police say when they first arrived at the scene, the suspect ran away on foot and stole an Amazon delivery truck with the driver still inside. The suspect held the driver at gunpoint before driving off in the truck.

The suspect then abandoned the Amazon truck and carjacked another vehicle near 28th Street and Cactus -- this time, holding a woman at gunpoint before taking off in her SUV.

"There's a lot of crazy people out in this world and you know, you have to be on guard all the time, unfortunately," Eslinger said.

Thankfully, none of the victims or anyone in the area were injured, but Jimmy says it's incidents like these that rattle any community.