Police want to find armed robbery suspect

A man is accused of robbing a Circle K store using a knife, and a reward is offered for information leading to an arrest. The suspect was accompanied by a teenager.

Police say a man walked into a Circle K store, accompanied by the teenager, near 47th Avenue and Indian School on Wednesday, December 13th at about 3:45am.

The suspect can be seen waiting for a few minutes before trying to steal a case of beer. The suspect walked around the counter holding a large knife, and the clerk opened the register and gave the cash to the suspects.

The man is described as 25 to 35 years old, five feet nine inches, weighing 180 pounds. He has tattoos on his neck and below his left eye.

The second suspect is described as a teenager, 15 to 18 years old, weighing 210 pounds.

Both of them left the store in a white Oldsmobile Alero. Anyone with information is asked to call Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.