Prosecutor: Freeway shootings are acts of domestic terrorism

The Maricopa County Attorney is speaking out about the I-10 shootings.

It's the first time we're hearing from him about the potential charges a suspect would face.

He says his team is already gearing up for prosecution.

No one has been seriously injured in the shootings, but because of the fear it has instilled in the public the County Attorney called the case an act of domestic terrorism. Still he says that is not a legal definition; there is no state statute that would allow him to bring terrorism charges against any potential suspect.

There has been no arrest made in the I-10 shootings yet, but Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery says if and when they do he's intent on bringing the shooter or shooters to justice.

"Characterizing what's happening as domestic terrorism simply states just how serious law enforcement is taking this situation, and its impact to the public," said Bill Montgomery.

Though Montgomery says because of state laws a suspect would not face state terrorism charges in Arizona. Instead, a suspect would face endangerment, criminal damage, and assault charges.

"The statutes that we do have that address "terrorist acts" are aimed at public utilities and what are called soft targets within our state's infrastructure," said Montgomery.

Now on week three of the manhunt, the Arizona Department of Public Safety is hoping the evidence from all the shattered windows, and about 1,000 calls to their tip line leads them to those responsible. The County Attorney ramped up the reward by $20,000, making it a $50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

"I am encouraging those who have information to come forward now in providing it, otherwise you could be at risk of criminal charges in the future," said Montgomery.

DPS says a 19-year-old Avondale man questioned in the case remains locked up. Investigators say he is a person of interest, but not a prime suspect.

If you have information in this case, you're urged to call 602-644-5805.