Rainbow Valley cleans up after storm

The west valley got a chance to dry out after a downpour Tuesday in Rainbow Valley, which turned washes into rivers and making several roads impassable.

During the height of the storms, SkyFox captured some dramatic scenes of rushing water and fast flowing washes.

The wash near Narramore Road and 214th Avenue looked more like a raging river Tuesday afternoon. The usually dry wash got more than an inch of rain during the storm. Drivers and their cars were stranded for a time as the water rushed over roadways. At one point, even a big rig got stuck in the waters.

24 hours later the water drained, leaving a muddy mess. Maricopa County Dept. of Transportation crews got to work, clearing the mud and debris mother nature left behind.

"It cleared out pretty quick," said Carol Ann Mevitt.

3-month-old Drake stayed dry throughout the storm. Although the roads were soaked, homes in the area were spared from floodwaters.

Though some drivers were inconvenienced by the rushing waters, no one was hurt, longtime residents already know the drill.

"You just make sure that if there's rain coming, that you're not on that side, you stay home unless you know for sure there's no water coming," said a resident.