Sad end to search for missing woman; AI weighs in on presidential race | Nightly Roundup

From the search for an Arizona woman that ended on a tragic note to what an AI chatbot is saying about this year's presidential election, here's a look at some of the top stories on for Monday, July 8, 2024.

1. Sad update in search for missing mother


Hope Tucker: Missing Arizona mother found dead

Police in Buckeye say the 46-year-old woman, along with the remains of her dog, were found about a mile and a half away from the I-10.

2. Daring rescue caught on camera


Rescue caught on video after Arizona driver plummets 200 feet of cliff

A man is recovering from severe injuries after his car plummeted 200 feet down a cliff off State Route 88 early Sunday morning in east Mesa. The daring rescue was all caught on video.

3. AI weighs in on U.S. presidential race


Mark Cuban asked ChatGPT who should be president after the first debate — here’s what it said

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban fed the first presidential debate transcript between Joe Biden and Donald Trump into OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Here's who it thinks should be president.

4. Shocking discovery near West Valley steakhouse


2 bodies found inside a parked car near a Phoenix steakhouse, PD says

Two dead bodies were discovered inside a car near a Phoenix steakhouse on Sunday night.

5. Tragedy along Grand Canyon trail


Texas man dies on Bright Angel Trail in Grand Canyon

A 50-year-old Texas man died while hiking along Bright Angel Trail in the Grand Canyon, officials said.

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