AI is funnier than humans, apparently

Researchers had people rank a series of jokes. The findings show nearly 70% of the participants rated Chat GPT jokes as funnier than those written by regular people. Something to note here is that the test subjects were just reading the jokes.

Driverless Waymo pulled over by Phoenix Police

This is something you probably didn't consider: self-driving Waymo cars can get pulled over by police. In fact, it happened last month in Phoenix and it was caught on body camera. FOX 10's Ashlie Rodriguez has more.

McDonald's ending AI drive-thru ordering

McDonald's appears to be ending its A.I. drive-thru order technology, a report says. More than 100 locations have been testing the program.

Apple enters AI race with ambitions to overtake the early leaders

Apple jumped into the race to bring generative artificial intelligence to the masses during its World Wide Developers Conference Monday, previewing an onslaught of features designed to soup up the iPhone and other popular products with technology already available on rival devices.

How AI can help (and hurt) climate change

Artificial intelligence significantly impacts the climate crisis by consuming large amounts of energy and water for its data centers, leading to increased greenhouse gas emissions, while also offering tools for climate management, such as improving climate models, optimizing energy use, and enhancing renewable energy efficiency.