Sheriff Penzone outlines new procedure for ICE detainers

Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone issued a statement Friday evening that outlined the Sheriff's Office's new procedure, when it comes to ICE detainers.

On February 17, Penzone announced in a news conference that MCSO will change its policy, in response to challenges to "courtesy holds" that were placed on behalf of Immigration of Customs Enforcement (ICE). In the statement released Friday, Penzone said they have established new procedures, in regards to notification of detainees of interest by ICE.

According to the statement, when MCSO jail personnel receive a notice from the court to process inmates for release, they will notify ICE agents immediately. The notification, according to the statement, will take place five to seven hours before the release process is complete. ICE will reportedly receive another notification, 15 minutes before the release process is done.

According to the statement, Sheriff Penzone was notified Friday afternoon that it is within MCSO's legal authority to allow custody transfers of individuals who are deemed to be in violation of federal immigration to take place inside county jail facilities.

ICE, according to the statement, will be responsible to respond to the appropriate MCSO detention center, prior to the release process being complete.