Some still cleaning up after monsoon storms

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- While the Phoenix area don't see the type of devastation caused by a hurricane, this year's monsoon did cause a lot of destruction.

In July, a storm snapped a palm tree like a twig, and sent it crashing right through the roof of a home. Now that the monsoon is coming to an end, a lot of people are still working to repair the damage more than a month later.

In a town home in Litchfield Park, there is a hole in the kitchen ceiling that has been there since the end of July, when a storm swept through the West Valley. While nobody was hurt, it did cause quite a mess.

"The lord was looking out for me," said Nancy Brandt. "I am sorry about the damage and people out of their homes. They have been out since July 30, and that is a long time to be away from home."

The good news is repairs are underway, but it takes awhile to clean up after a fierce monsoon storm.

"It is kind of eerie. Took out 4 trusses here and 4 trusses next unit over," said said Bill Henry with Valley Services of Arizona. "One in the bedroom and one in the kitchen."

Now that insurance has kicked in and the city granted construction permits it's time to rebuild, that fix should be done in a month if all goes well.