Student takes in teacher's family after losing his job, was hit by a car earlier this year

Earlier this year, Fox 10 Phoenix brought you a story about a teacher who was hit by a car while helping a woman on the side of the road in Glendale who was having a seizure.

As of last week, he's been let go from his teaching job. However, he left an imprint on his students, especially one young boy who told his mom they needed to do something to help him out during the holidays.

And for this particular family, the holidays aren't about receiving gifts.

In fact, every other year, they don't get any gifts. They just give out presents to the family they "adopt" for the holidays.

So now Bruno, a student in Anthony Webster's previous class at Heritage Elementary School is now practicing what his teacher preached: to do good.

"'Mom, can we adopt my teacher, Mr. Anthony?' And many people know he was the teacher who got hit by a car, and they didn't have anything. At one point he was couchsurfing, didn't have anywhere to live, didn't have a car. So he said, 'Mom I know he's struggling, can we help his family?'" said Carolina Lopez, Bruno's mother.

The family bought gifts for Webster and his four kids after Webster says this year was particularly hard for him.

"I know there's a reason for me to be here, and just seeing this, it lets me know that people do care about you. Because for a long moment, I didn't think no one cared. I feel like, you helped someone and you're a hero, but you didn't feel like a hero because so much bad stuff was happening, but this brightened up everything," Webster said.

When Webster helped the woman on the side of the road, the accident caused him to be unconscious for three days. However, he rushed the healing process to get back to his teaching job that he has now without.

"For teaching my students life skills, some very important life skills, I was let go from my school. And literally we only have 4 days of school left before our break," Webster said.

He's grateful for his students, especially for the Lopez family taking his family in during the holidays.

"They got a list of toys, clothing, games, stuff like that. On my life, all I just wanted some cologne," Webster said.

And he hopes to continue leading by example.

"All of my students: I love y'all. Life goes on, this is another life skill lesson for y'all, no matter what happens, you still keep pressing," Webster said.

Webster says he has fully recovered from his injuries and hopes to get another teaching job.