Travel agency's closure causing grief for Valley family

A Valley family had planned a dream trip and spent more than $17,000 to book a cruise, only to get the shock of their life a few days later, when they checked on their reservation.

"It's a lot of money," said Collette Warren. "It's a lot of hard work."

Warren is feeling like that hard work may have gone down the drain. The travel agency she gave a $17,532 check to shut their doors, one day after the check was cashed.

"We've never received a phone call or a letter or anything," said Warren.

Warren sent the check to travel agency Legendary Journeys on October 10. She saw it was cashed on October 19, but on October 20, when she tried to check in, she learned the company had 'closed operations'.

For days, Warren tried calling and e-mailing the company, to no avail. On Friday, Warren wiped away her tears, fearing a family trip that meant so much won't happen.

"We wanted to do it, because our kids are grown," said Warren. "We've got grandkids and all of us, we're gonna go together ."

Meanwhile, the company responded by stating they are "only working on 2018 departures", and said people "will be advised by email at a later date, regarding any upcoming trips they may have."

The agency's president, Al Ferguson, took to Facebook to explain several reasons why he decided to close the agency, and promised to pay clients back.

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In addition, Ferguson said the agency has reached out to everyone, something Warren's daughter disputed.

"That's a lie," said Warren's daughter. "He didn't contact us. I had to repeatedly reach out."