Travelers at Sky Harbor react to Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting

As the events at Fort Lauderdale unfold, people at Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport react.

At Sky Harbor International Airport's Terminal 4's baggage claim, a place similar to the scene of the shooting in Fort Lauderdale, people were following the events that unfolded, on the other side of the country.

One girl from Scottsdale received texts from a friend who was at Fort Lauderdale Airport's baggage claim, when the incident took place.

"There were shots fired right near him," she said. "He had to stop texting me." The girl read from the texts, which said the alleged shooter ran past the person who sent out the text. The girl said the person who sent her the text was by by himself, alone, and that it was the scariest thing that ever happened to him.

Others at Sky Harbor said while the events that unfolded were distressing and saddening, it will not deter them from traveling.

"There's crazy people everywhere," said one man. "When there's a will, there's a way. I'm not too concerned about it."

Some people at Sky Harbor said they were a bit afraid. Police presence was noticeably stepped up at Sky Harbor airport, which some said made them feel a little safer. Some passengers said despite the incident on Friday, being at the airport did not bring any different emotion.

"I travel every week," said one traveler. "I wouldn't feel wrong about going to the church or going to a school when this stuff happens."