TSA worker shows devastating impact the government shutdown is having on her life

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- As the longest government shutdown in U.S. history continues, one TSA worker took FOX 10 into her home, giving a firsthand look at how the shutdown has impacted her life.

The TSA worker, Jennifer Bertrand, says she hasn't missed a day of work since the shutdown. She was seen at a government shutdown resource fair in Phoenix, and says she's trying to remain positive, but her financial situation is making it tough.

There's just $3 left in Bertrand's bank account.

"This shutdown was so unexpected," said Bertrand. "I mean, who plans for a shutdown?"

Bertrand was already short on cash after the holidays, and hasn't received a paycheck for over 30 days. Her credit cards are now maxed out, and her saving is depleted.

"My savings is zero," said Bertrand. "Zero. Zero."

Bertrand heard about Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross' now-controversial statement Thursday, saying he doesn't understand why Federal workers aren't just taking out loans.

"I'm disgusted by his comment," said Bertrand, who went on to say she's going to food banks and resource fairs, because she has no other options.

"Why are we going to food banks?" asked Bertrand. "There's these guaranteed government loans. They're not guaranteed loans. I have applied. You have to have great credit. Although my credit isn't terrible, I don't have the credit they want."

After attending the Arizona AFL-CIO's resource fair, she was able to pick up some toilet paper and laundry detergent.

"Working everyday without being paid, It has really come to a crisis situation, desperate need of everything from food, mortgages, medicines, childcare, gas. So, this is really an emergency," said Fred Yamashita with Arizona AFL-CIO.

The resource fair also offered other financial assistance, such as helping with utility payments. However, Bertrand says her biggest worry is getting to work in the coming days.

"Half a tank of gas," said Bertrand. "When it runs out, it does. I have no idea."