Will the same-sex ruling hurt Republicans?

If you're a Republican and you want to be president you have to take a stand against gay marriage. That's the way a lot of conservative voters feel and you need their votes to win the nomination.

But today the U.S. Supreme Court legalized gay marriage. And surveys show most Americans are O.K. with it.

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That means once one of the 13 and counting GOP candidates wins the nomination, he or she is going to have to sigh meaningfully and say something like, "Oh, I'm not for same-sex marriage, but it's the law of the land and we have to respect it." But with voters in the general election that's not going to look so cool. It's also a liability when it comes to making the tent bigger, which is what Republicans are all about this election.

Same-sex marriage won't decide Election 2016. But it's not a helpful issue for the GOP this time around.

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