With store and restaurant donations, Waste Not gets surplus perishable food to those in need in Arizona

The non-profit organization Waste Not has been in Arizona for over 30 years. Their goal is to get food that would be thrown out from restaurants or stores and in turn, take the perfectly good food and donate it to the people who need it the most.

Waste Not is expanding their operation in order to help even more people and this is why they're looking for volunteers.

Every day, a truck makes stops at stores and restaurants across the Valley.

"They clear out close to code items, things that look don't look perfect for them and they sort it for us and we come here every day, we pick up what they would otherwise discard and we get it to non-profit agencies that are feeding people," said Kate Thoene, executive director of Waste Not.

This is the way Waste Not has been operating for years in our state.

"It gets right into the hands of seniors, children, families, that may not know where their food is coming from and Waste Not is here to help," said Thoene.

The non-profit's network continues to expand, which means they need more help. The group is looking for volunteer drivers to pick up smaller loads of food. That way, they don't have to use their big trucks.

"When the volunteers can move the food for us, that saves us so much money and it just increases our impact in the community," said Thoene.

The opportunity is rewarding, knowing you're making an impact on someone's life.

"They get to meet the donors who don't want to throw their food away and they get it to people in need who, when they pull up, are so thankful for that food," said Thoene.

Online: https://www.wastenotaz.org

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