Woman recreates airport experience at home after birthday vacation canceled amid COVID-19 pandemic

Since the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted social life for millions of people around the world, many have been forced to creatively reenact certain “normal” instances in a very abnormal time. 

Whether it’s neighbors building a make-shift outdoor bar while maintaining social distance or super markets hosting an impromptu graduation ceremony, some have gone to extreme lengths to make the best of things while under lockdown.

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One Minnesota woman who was forced to cancel her birthday vacation because of the pandemic decided to turn her home into an airport in order to recreate what would have been an exciting travel experience. 

Dana Jondahl recreated the entire airport experience from start to finish at her home in Maplewood, Minnesota complete with security check and in-flight safety demonstration.

Jondahl posted a very clever video on her Facebook where she played the role of a traveler, a TSA agent, a flight attendant and a marshaller.

“They told me no traveling for my birthday this year... #challengeaccepted,” wrote Jondahl in a caption for the video.

Despite a grim death toll by the virus, many states around the country have entered phases of reopening businesses following a devastating blow to the economy from coronavirus lockdowns implemented to stop the spread of the disease. 

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Scarred by the deadliest outbreak in the nation, New York City gradually began reopening Monday in a turning point in the three-month-long crisis and an important test of the city's discipline.

With the virus in check — at least for now — stores previously deemed nonessential were cleared to reopen for delivery and curbside pickup, though customers cannot yet browse inside. Construction, manufacturing and wholesalers also received the go-ahead to resume work.

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In Las Vegas, hotel-casinos reopened in early June and was quickly filled with revelers and gamblers.

All around the U.S., hotels remain mostly empty with occupancy in the country idling at 37 percent the week ending May 30. 

The Associated Press and Storyful contributed to this story. This story was reported from Los Angeles.