Yuma 3-year-old hospitalized after eating 'suspicious' candy, police say

Yuma police say a 3-year-old child has been hospitalized after eating "suspicious" candy on Halloween.

According to the Yuma Police Department, the child became lethargic and displayed dilated pupils and abnormal behavior after eating red-gummy candy that officers later found unwrapped in a bucket.

Police say the candy resembles a red-fish type of chewable gummy that is known to be laced with THC. The candy has been sent off for testing.

(Photo: Yuma police)

The child's parents told police they attended the "Trick or Treat on Historic Main Street" and the "Scary and Safe Trick or Treat" at the Yuma Fairgrounds.

Police ask that parents check their children's candy for any unwrapped or red gummy candy that resembles a fish.

If you have any information about this incident, please call police at 928-373-4700.